Florida Tarpon Fishing

2016 Boca Grande Tarpon Season

Tarpon season is here!

Tomorrow is April first, my unoffical start to tarpon season. It feels like I just ended the 2015 tarpon season, I tarpon fished all the way through Thanksgiving in 2015. The 2016 spring migration of tarpon in Boca Grande is underway, water temps are in the 80′s which means the big push of migrating tarpon are well on the their way here. As always I will begin my tarpon season inside Charlotte Harbor, I have caught a few tarpon already this season and everyday has the potential to be the official “kick off” double digit day! I’m about 80% full for April, May, and June. Most of my open days left are in the second week of April and the last two weeks of June. I have most of the hill tide dates opn during the last moon in June, I believe the third week of June. I have already been booking days for the fall migration in Charlotte Harbor, the fall run is September-October and sometimes into November and beyond with the most consistent days historically being Sept 15th-Oct 20th. The fall run is in my opinion the best tarpon bite of the season, the tarpon are here to FEED, PERIOD! I love following the fish every year from inside Charlotte Harbor, out to Boca Grande and up and down the coast in the spring and back inside Charlotte Harbor in the Summer for the big feed in the Fall. Charlotte Harbor is simply the best tarpon fishery on the planet.

My new tarpon gear is has been delivered, brand new reels spooled with brand new line on brand new rods. I replace my gear every year, I tarpon fish 8 months a year and my gear takes a beating. I will be on my boat about 70 of the next 90 days, if you are looking to book a last minute trip please feel free to email, call, or text me. Email and text are the best methods of communication for me during peak season. I will have cancelations, I do every year so please do not hesitate to ask for a last minute trip as you may luck out. 

On a side note I have been receiving a few calls and emails in regards to our water quality in the Charlotte Harbor/Boca Grande area. The water is clean and beautiful, the Okeechobee runoff effecting the Fort Myers area has ZERO effect on our water quality in Charlotte Harbor, that issue is 30 miles to our south. Our fishing has not not suffered any ill effects. The news is reporting on this issue daily as if it is a regional problem effecting all of Southwest Florida, it is a very isolated issue effecting the water quality in the Fort Myers area, this actually happens every year, mainly in the summer/rainy season, however the perfect storm of events caused the lake to have to be drained during tourist season therfor causing people who operate their business in that area to loose thier minds. The fishing is better in Charlotte Harbor and Boca Grande anyways with much less fishing pressure than Fort Myers, our water is quality is GREAT for 2016 just like every other year!

April 1st update, I had a client cancel May 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Please contact me if you would like any of those days.


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