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Boca Grande fishing report May and June 2017

May and June 2017 Boca Grande Fishing Report/Recap

Boca Grande fishing report and recap May and June 2017
The 2017 spring tarpon fishing season was dominated by mother nature, the tarpon fleet had to deal with cold front after cold front all the way through June. It seemed that we had a cold front about every 7-10 days. The fishing was extremely inconsistent around these cold fronts as the winds would pick up to 25-30
There were plenty of disappointed clients who planned their vacation around the spring run only to be weathered out. My clients who were down in between cold fronts enjoyed some fantastic fishing but the windy tough days far outnumbered the calm easy days in May, at least at this point the windy days are still fresh in my memory.

By the second week of June the weather finally got normal and fishing got somewhat back to normal. Overall the 2017 spring Boca Grande tarpon fishing season was extremely tough. Luckily so far the summer season has been great and hopefully the fall run in September through October will have good weather. September and October offer the best tarpon fishing of the year with hungry fish and almost no fishing pressure. I have less than 10 days open in September/October. If you would like to book a day I suggest calling me ASAP as my last few remaining days will be booked soon. I have began booking days for the spring of 2018. If you want to fish around on of the moons for a hill tide I suggest to call me soon. I know it sounds crazy to make plans to fish almost a year in advance but the economy seems to be doing well and people are booking days a lot earlier than in years past, this is a heads up.

I will be having my web guy add a facebook button to my home page so that you all can follow me on facebook. Hopefully that feature will be up and running sometime in the next week. My web guy is extremely busy right now so I have to work around his time frame.

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