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Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing Report, May 1 2013

Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing report as of May 1st 2013

I have been very busy tarpon fishing the last few weeks. I had the pleasure of fishing some of my regular clients as well as some new clients as well. I noticed that the report section of my website has been getting a lot of hits as of late so I wanted to give everyone one last report until I get some free time toward the end of June. I still have a few open slots in May and well as a few in June, so for any potential clients if you would like to book a trip with me please call my cell phone, 239-825-8791. I will be on the water everyday and sometimes responding to emails can be difficult.

The tarpon fishing around Boca Grande has been good the last two weeks, Boca Grande Pass is loaded with tarpon and the fishing on the beach has been consistant so I have heard, I have not fished the beach yet as I have been tarpon fishing in the Harbor. Hopefully I can fish for another week up in the Harbor. The fishing has been good and the fishing pressure has been very light. Last week I would say I averaged 4 jumped fish per trip with the highlight being last Friday with 8 fish jumped in a 6 hour trip. The bait of choice has been live threadfins. For the guys who want to fish Boca Grande, now is the time. This will more than likely be the last weekend that you will be able to fish the pass without fishing around 50+ jig boats, once the PTTS circus roles into town on May 13th all bets are off for consistant fishing in the pass, even if you jig fish you may have to leave the pass to find decent fishing as the tarpon have not tolerated the added pressure that this tournament brings the last few years, in my opinion. Here are a few pics from last weeks trips, I do not get a lot of pictures on my charters as I am the one normally grabbing the fish, I wish I had a full time photographer on my boat but I don’t, I’m a one man operation.


Charlotte Harbor tarpon 2013

I more than likely will not update my reports for awhile, if I mean when we get some bad weather that forces me to cancel a charter I will update then.

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