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2019 Boca Grande/Charlotte Harbor Tarpon Season, Now Underway!

Boca Grande 2019 Tarpon Season   Is currently underway, for the select few tarpon guides who target these great game fish for more than half the year. We experienced a cooler than normal November, December, and January in the tarpon capital of the world, this boas well for an above average tarpon season. Colder winters [...]

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May and June 2018 Boca Grande Tarpon Recap

May/June Boca Grande tarpon fishing recap Boca Grande tarpon fishing report May and June 2018 It has been awhile since I have had time to post a report or recap of any kind. My 2018 tarpon season started on April 2nd, I have targeted tarpon almost daily since then. I had everyday booked through the [...]

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Boca Grande fishing report May and June 2017

May and June 2017 Boca Grande Fishing Report/Recap Boca Grande fishing report and recap May and June 2017 The 2017 spring tarpon fishing season was dominated by mother nature, the tarpon fleet had to deal with cold front after cold front all the way through June. It seemed that we had a cold front about [...]

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January 18th 2017 Boca Grande Charlotte Harbor fishing update

January 18th Boca Grande/Charlotte Harbor fishing report The fishing this past month in Boca Grande was really good, I fished just about everyday from December 26th through the first week of January. The tripletail fishing was fantastic, most days a 3 man limit of triple tail could be caught in a hour, most of the [...]

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2017 April- July Boca Grande tarpon fishing season

Just a quick update. I only have 4 or 5 hill tide dates left for May and June. I may have the first hill tide in July open but as of now I’m holding it for a regular client, if for some reason he does not book it I will open that date up well. [...]

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Boca Grande, Charlotte Harbor tarpon fishing

Boca Grande Charlotte Harbor 2016 update Well, another tarpon season has come and gone. The 2016 Boca Grande tarpon season was a challenging and exciting season. I started the 2016 Boca Grande tarpon season April 7th and I have officially wrapped up tarpon fishing for the year. The last day I caught a tarpon this [...]

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2016 Boca Grande Tarpon Season Recap

Boca Grande tarpon Fishing 2016 Spring recap   Well another spring run of tarpon has came and gone here in Boca Grande/Charlotte Harbor. Overall I had a VERY good spring season. I began tarpon fishing this year right around April 10th, we had a few cold fronts move through my area early in April and [...]

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2016 Boca Grande Tarpon Season

Tarpon season is here! Tomorrow is April first, my unoffical start to tarpon season. It feels like I just ended the 2015 tarpon season, I tarpon fished all the way through Thanksgiving in 2015. The 2016 spring migration of tarpon in Boca Grande is underway, water temps are in the 80′s which means the big [...]

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Boca Grande Fishing Charters 2016

Boca Grande Fishing Charters 2016 January 10th, 2016 Boca Grande fishing charters update. Well winter finally caught up with us in Southwest Florida, I suppose most new residents appreciate the late arrival of winter but being as I have lived here my entire life, the older I get the more I apprecaite the cooler weather. [...]

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Boca Grande tarpon fishing charters

Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing Report September 30th, 2015

2015 Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing Recap I want to say thank you to everyone who has fished fished with during the 2015 tarpon season. Overall we had some very good fishing this past season. There were plenty of big fish caught and some great memories made. I’am very foruntate to be able to fish with [...]

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