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May and June 2015 Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing Recap

May June 2015 Boca Grande tarpon fishing recap

I haven’t had any time to post reports latley, I have been tarpon fishing everday for the last 60 days straight. I can describe the May and June Boca Grande tarpon season in one word, “normal”. The fish are finally acting normal again, they are not leaving the pass as the sin comes up like they have the last 5 years. It made life difficult for the newer fishing guides who are use to fishing for the tarpon that move out of the pass and into the harbor but they will have to learn to fish new areas. The biggest suprise for me this year were the Hill Tides, the May and June hill tides may have been the best hill tides I have seen in my lifetime and certainly the best of the last 7 or 8 years for sure. Double digit afternoons happend around every hill tide. By the way, hill tides are the two days before and two days after the full and new moons, May-July. These tides are the strogest of the year.

July 2015 Boca Grande Hill Tides

The full moon is July 1st. I have June 30th-July 3 open for the hill tides. If you are even thinking about booking a trip during this time frame please feel free to call or email me to discuss these tides. I don’t see any reason why they won’t be as great as the last 3 moons.

Enjoy the pics below, I will post a more detailed report when I get some more time off toward the middle of July.

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