Boca grande tarpon fishing charters, florida tarpon fishing, tarpon fishing charters in Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor with capt. Chuck Jenks


Boca grande, Florida is the mecca of Tarpon fishing. Boca Grande tarpon fishing typically last from early April through October, depending on current weather patterns. As your guide I will personally tailor your Boca Grande tarpon fishing charter that best fits your needs. I’m one of the very few tarpon fishing guides that fishes for tarpon in both Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor. I began tarpon fishing in Boca Grande at a very early age, around 10. Every year I pattern the tarpon as soon as the begin to show up in Charlotte Harbor, by the time the out of town fishing guides make their way into town I have been tarpon fishing in Boca Grande for nearly 4 weeks. Most of the guides that come to fish Boca Grande only spend about 6 weeks a year fishing for tarpon here. The out of town guides will leave around the end of June every season, it never fails. The thing I find funny is that the best tarpon fishing in Boca Grande doesn’t even start till mid July and is fantastic through September.

I have caught many 150+ pound tarpon just days before Christmas before. I will track these until the last cold front sends the tarpon on their way south for the winter. I documented the first ever tarpon caught and DNA recorded by the State tarpon biologist in December in 2007.

When anglers read anything about tarpon fishing, usually Boca Grande rates as the number one single destination to travel to for a chance of landing a trophy tarpon of a lifetime. Although Boca Grande Pass and the surrounding beaches are great places to fish for tarpon in my opinion nothing compares to tarpon fishing in Charlotte Harbor. The tarpon move into Charlotte Harbor again after the tarpon are spawned out, normally early July. The tarpon act totally different in Charlotte Harbor than the do around Boca Grande Pass and on the beaches. The tarpon I fish in Charlotte Harbor are not in small schools or pods, in fact it is rare to see more than 6 or 8 tarpon roll in the same pod. When the tarpon gather in Charlotte Harbor they are in search of food, and are spread out of a huge area of water. It is not uncommon to see thousands of tarpon feeding on bait as far as your eyes can see while fishing in the harbor.