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with Captain Chuck Jenks

My guide service is centrally located in Charlotte Harbor, less than 100 miles south of Tampa. I fish the waters of Charlotte Harbor, Boca Grande, and Pine Island Sound. I have pick up locations in Pine Island and Boca Grande as well as Punta Gorda/Charlotte Harbor. I do not fish anywhere else but these locations. I grew up and have lived my entire life in Charlotte Harbor, I have been guiding in Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor since 2001. You can be assured I have the experince fishing Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor to make your trip successful.

There are many guides who migrate to Boca Grande with the tarpon during May and June, I run my guide service out of this area year round and not just for the months of May and June. Charlotte Harbor and Boca Grande are the Mecca for inshore flats fishing for species such as Snook and Redfish. Boca Grande tarpon fishing is the best tarpon fishery in the country if not the world. I specialize in Tarpon fishing charters and backcountry flats fishing charters. From April through July I strictly fish for tarpon in Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor.

I offer custom light tackle fishing charters that will accommodate any type of angler, from the very experienced to the novice. Historically, tarpon begin to show up in fish able numbers in Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor around the first or second week of April, if we experience warmer or cooler than normal weather the start of the Boca Grand, Charlotte Harbor tarpon season could be delayed or the tarpon can show up earlier.


Every year tens of thousands of tarpon migrate to Boca Grande in the spring time to spawn. There are only two places in the United States where tarpon can be consistently targeted for more than 6 months of the year. Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor is one of those places, the other would be the 100 mile stretch of islands known as the Florida Keys. During typical weather patterns I start tarpon fishing in Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor sometime in early April. I will target tarpon from when they show up in April through October. Not only do tarpon come to Boca Grande to spawn but after the tarpon are finished with their annual spawning ritual many will stay through October to feed on the many baitfish that flourish in Charlotte Harbor. Tarpon fishing will be consistent until a few cold fronts push through our area. Please click on the tarpon fishing link for more information on tarpon fishing in Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor

I have detailed the types of tarpon fishing found in Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor throughout this website so as to make your decision easier on when you may want to fish for tarpon in Boca Grande or Charlotte Harbor. I also offer backcountry and flats fishing charters for Snook, Redfish, and Trout. I offer winter time sight fishing charters for redfish and spring and summer live bait snook and redfish fishing charters in Charlotte Harbor, Boca Grande, and Pine Island Sound.